How to upgrade your business with paint

First impressions still count and the appearance of your Sedona or Cottonwood business speaks volumes before your customers ever walk through the door. Canyon Painting offers you these simple ways to use paint to upgrade the appearance of your business.

You might have the best customer service around, but businesses, as well as most everything else, are still judged by appearances. Don’t let customers drive by your business with the wrong impression. Give your old or outdated building a quick lift with a simple paint job, both inside and out.

A freshly-painted business lets customers feel like your business is organized, clean, reputable and relevant. On the other hand, an underwhelming and uninviting building can result in people turning away from you before your business has the opportunity to be of service. Here are three simple ways that paint can elevate your business to the next level.

Exterior Painting
Curb appeal is just as important for your business as it is for your home. If your business is in need of a quick overhaul, simply refreshing or repainting the whole exterior of the building can instantly give your business the curb appeal that it needs.

Interior Painting
Likewise with exterior painting, repainting the interior also gives your business instant improvement and says to your customers that you take your business seriously. A fresh paint job inside your building or office space gives immediate new life to your business.

Expressive Painting
Painting your business in a way that conveys your business’ purpose is a powerful tool. Customers may not consciously realize they notice the difference, but they do.

Canyon Painting works with businesses to create environments their customers love and want to return to. If your commercial building in Cottonwood or Sedona is in need of a face lift, consider a paint job on the exterior, interior, or both! Call us today at 928-202-8272 for a free estimate.

Interior painting for your business

When painting your office interior, there are nearly limitless options for you to choose. One of the most important decisions you will make is what finish to use. The finish (or sheen) is going to help provide the right look and protection that you need. At Canyon Painting, we help Sedona businesses make the right paint decisions so their office looks its best.

Before you can choose the right finish for your interior, it is important to understand the unique aspects of each sheen.

Matte (or Flat) Finish
Matte finishes are characterized by their non-reflective look. They are good for hiding imperfections in surfaces and are commonly used on ceilings. The drawback to this finish is that it can be difficult to clean. It also fades much quicker than other sheens.

Because it offers a brighter look and more protection than matte, the eggshell finish is commonly used in areas that do not receive high traffic. This finish is preferred by many, because it is not overly reflective, and it offers more protection than a flat finish.

This is likely the most common finish used for interior painting. Both business owners and painting contractors prefer a satin sheen because it is easy to clean, durable, and long lasting. This finish is a little glossier than eggshell, and it is ideal for high traffic areas of your office.

Semi-gloss finish is the step up from satin. This sheen is one of the highest in durability, but it can be too bright for some. This finish is best for kitchens and high traffic areas such as a hallway or entryway.

This sheen is generally used on doors and detailed woodwork like trim. While it is not commonly used on walls, you may consider it for a very heavy-use area such as a janitor’s closet.

When choosing your interior paint finish, it is important to take into consideration what surface or room is being painted. Selecting the right sheen will give your paint a long life and give your office the right look. Learn how Canyon Painting can give the interior of your Sedona business a new look. Call 928-202-8272 for a free estimate.

Let’s talk about exterior wood finishing

Canyon Painting offers professional painting and refinishing services in Camp Verde, Cottonwood and Verde Valley.Wood components on the exterior of your home add character and warmth. They also require extra care. Canyon Painting offers these tips for refinishing and resealing the exterior wood components of your Cottonwood, Camp Verde or Verde Valley home or business to preserve, protect and keep them looking new.

Old paint should be removed with a paint scraper or a high-pressure washer. Sand the wood using medium grit sandpaper to blend the edges of remaining paint with the surface of the exposed wood if you plan on painting the wood. If you plan on staining previously painted wood, remove all of the leftover paint using sandpaper. Scrub the surface of the wood with a brush and cleaning detergent and rinse completely clean. Allow the area to dry for several days before proceeding.

Preserve the Wood
Treat the wood with water repellent or preservative to extend the life of the wood. Make sure to work preservative into any knots, cracks or seams. Allow the preservative to dry for two days.

Sealant comes in a few different types: priming, painting and finishing sealant. If you intend to paint or stain the wood, you’ll want a paintable sealant. If you would rather paint the wood a dramatically different color, such as painting a very dark wood white or vice versa, opt for a primer sealant. If you prefer to leave the wood natural, choose a finishing sealant.

Staining and Painting
Stain is great for wood that is rough or that has been exposed to the elements for a long period of time. Be sure to stain one panel or entire board at a time to prevent lap marks. Apply a second coat if necessary. Apply paint in a similar way.

Exposed wood can quickly begin to wear down from the elements compromising its appearance and structure. Sealing exterior wood is essential for protecting it and extending its life, but it doesn’t last forever. Is it time to refinish and reseal the wood at your Cottonwood, Camp Verde or Verde Valley home or business? Canyon Painting offers expert interior and exterior refinishing services, and can restore your wood to its natural beauty. For a free estimate on refinishing, call us at 928-202-8272. 

Making an old home look new with quality painting

There are a number of ways to update older homes to help them appear fresh and new. Paint is one affordable way that can yield huge results. The result is a beautiful home and, many times, a more marketable and valuable property. Canyon Painting recommends these affordable suggestions for making your Cottonwood, Camp Verde and Verde Valley home look new again.

Create an updated, fresh front entrance area. Paint your home’s front door with a gloss finish to make it the focal point of the home. Choose a vibrant, attractive color, such as a bold red, to assure maximum visual appeal. Another bold and very beautiful color here in the Southwest is turquoise. Finish with a new door knob set, door knocker and kick plate.

Few things improve a home like an affordable kitchen makeover. Paint your kitchen a modern shade of gray, tan or cream or the ever-popular ‘greige’. Reverse the dated look of outdated darker cabinets with lighter finishes, colors and styles. Select white-painted cabinets for a kitchen with an up-to-date flair. Homeowners decorating on a budget can easily paint the cabinets themselves to save added costs. Replace old hinges and hardware for the final touches.

Incorporate a quick bathroom update to create a new, fresh appeal. Give the walls a new look with a fresh coat of paint in a light, neutral color to make the bathroom feel larger than it is and to provide plenty of light for getting ready. Choose an accent color for the vanity for an updated, crisp look.

Living Room
Paint the walls a deeper shade of gray, tan or cream or, again, the ever-popular ‘greige’ to make your living room feel new and expansive. A darker shade will provide a beautiful contrast to any artwork you may add. Finish the room with white moldings around the windows and doors and a white ceiling for an attractive contrast.

Are you ready for an affordable update to make your Cottonwood, Camp Verde and Verde Valley home look new again? If it’s time to update your home with a fresh coat of paint, whether inside or out, call the painting experts at Canyon Painting today at 928-202-8272.




Paint colors for the kitchen

Canyon Painting can help you choose the perfect paint color for the kitchen in your Sedona home.A beautiful coat of paint can really brighten up the outdated kitchen in your Sedona home, but picking the perfect color can be a difficult decision. If you’re having trouble making the perfect color choice, Canyon Painting recommends playing it safe by choosing from among colors preferred by interior designers and most homeowners.

Neutrals including whites, ivories and grays are popular as well as soft shades of yellow. Blues, reds and greens are popular choices for accent walls. But what is most important is understanding how to use them to brighten up the traditional focal point in most homes.

Light and airy neutrals create a calming effect in a bustling kitchen and brighten up a dull room. Both light neutrals and grays make it easy to add pops of color. If you are open to a bolder palette, gray complements an intriguing array of other shades including pumpkin, yellow and raspberry.

If you enjoy a more playful palette consider yellow. Eye-catching and energizing, it works beautifully on walls, backsplashes or the inside of your cabinetry.

Because red is believed to stimulate appetite, it is a color often used in kitchens. Ever notice how many restaurants have a great deal of red in their design? Since you don’t want to overpower your kitchen, consider reds with a hint of pink as an accent wall or to create a striking backsplash.

Green soothes and creates an organic, earthy feel especially when paired with wood accents. Apple green and mint are homeowner favorites and do well with white countertops and cabinets.

You can create so many looks with blue. Crisp blue in combination with white cabinets will return you to the sea. Wooden accents are perfect with robin’s egg blue. Stainless steel appliances, bright white walls and navy blue make for a modern, sophisticated kitchen while blue paired with ivory accents offer a vintage feel.

If you’re unsure which look you want for your Sedona home, talk to the color experts at Canyon Painting. Our staff are professional, courteous, and knowledgeable of the best practices and trends in the painting industry. For a free estimate, call us today at 928-202-8272.

Painters vs. painting contractors

Canyon Painting can renew your home or business in Sedona with expert painting services.Why is it important to understand and distinguish painters from painting contractors? It can greatly improve the quality of the painting of the interior or exterior of your home or business! Canyon Painting, local Sedona painting contractor, discusses the subject of painters vs. painting contractors.

Painters defined

A painter, for our purposes, is a person who can pick up a brush, climb a ladder, and usually makes a living from these activities. The more experienced painter will have better tools of the trade – and possibly a vehicle with a company logo. If working part-time, a painter may be a retired person taking on some extra jobs or a college student working during the summer. This might be exactly what you are looking for. Or does it sound like something you want no part of? If you are after quality, you need to do more research. You need to be able to distinguish a painter from a painting contractor.

Painting contractors defined

Painting contractors are very different from painters, though they usually perform many of the same tasks. A painting contractor is able to remove risks and responsibilities from the client. Carrying both general liability and workers compensation policies is just the start of how a painter and painting contractor differ. A contractor will be able to share a portfolio of their work.

Typical professional painting contractors attributes:

  • A history of proven experience
  • Fully warranted work
  • Quick and complete answers to questions on all procedures
  • The highest quality products for every job

Canyon Painting hopes this discussion of painters vs. painting contractors will help to make your painting experience a great one! Call the experts with any questions about painting the interior or exterior of your home or business in Sedona. Call us today at 928-202-8272.

Painting services for managed properties and HOAs

Canyon Painting is your licensed, bonded and insured painting contractor to handle your HOA and managed property painting in Sedona.Just because your HOA doesn’t let you have a chicken coop in your front yard doesn’t mean they’re evil! Actually, they’re looking out for our communities. Without HOAs, the crazy lady at the end of the road would paint her house poodle pink, and the do-it-himself dad would paint his house blue with bright orange accents. Oh no! Canyon Painting offers painting services for your Sedona HOA or managed property.

HOAs make sure that we have a synchronized community with matching colors and kept-up communal spaces to make our lifestyle pleasant. They prevent obnoxious garage sales every weekend and hire professionals to keep our streets free of debris. With Canyon Painting you can experience the quality painting that will help create a unified look for your property.

Benefits of hiring a professional painting contractor:

Variety of services: Interior/exterior painting, pressure washing, epoxy floor coating, maintenance painting, drywall repair, stucco repair, interior and exterior wood refinishing, and more…

Flexible: They will work around the schedule of the HOA and the buildings’ progress if in construction, adjust to your timetable and commit to you.

Prepared: They have the tools! A professional paint contractor has the manpower and proper equipment to finish the job right. Also, they are trained in safety. They use high quality paints to protect both the environment and residents.

If your managed properties in Sedona need painting, Canyon Painting is properly licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection. We specialize in interior and exterior, residential and commercial painting, and will work with you to ensure your satisfaction. To schedule an appointment for your free estimate, call the professionals at Canyon Painting today at 928-202-8272.




Painting tips for your home

Canyon Painting is your full service painting contractor in Cottonwood and Verde Valley, we handle it all!Contrast. It can be the difference between a room that makes a striking first impression or falls flat. If you want to know the secret ingredient that can give your Cottonwood or Verde Valley home its impact, Canyon Painting, offers interior painting tips and shares some basic principles that will add a huge dose of visual interest to your home’s interior.

Is contrast just limited to paint? No, there are countless ways to create contrast including colors, patterns, and textures.


This is probably the most obvious use of contrast and the easiest! Giving a room a contrast that uses two shades on opposite ends of the color wheel will create the strongest impact. For this, black and white will never go out of style. However, if your sense of style is a bit more colorful, you could also use color combos like blue and orange or purple and yellow. Regardless of the complementary color combination you select, one needs to be the dominant color while the opposite accents it. Otherwise they will be competing, not complementing.


Contrasting textures add visual interests. Contrasting textures include fabrics from drapes, rugs, and throws for your furniture to the contrasting texture of your furniture itself. Think about the texture of a leather sofa compared to the smooth feel of metal furniture or the ruggedness of rustic woods. And all of your accessories from lighting to artwork can be incorporated to create texture throughout a room. Always try to use a mix of materials in your design.


Shape and form are also great ways to add contrast to a space. Rooms take on a life of their own when they are filled with different shapes that transition from sharp, angled corners to smooth rounded edges, from large formal pieces to intricate smaller designs. The largest impact from shapes will likely come from your furniture but your accessories play a large role too. Think how the shapes from different eras change and see how you might incorporate them into your style. Many successful interior designers favor mixing-and-matching different styles. 

If you’re ready to use color contrast to give the interior of your Cottonwood or Verde Valley home that dynamic first impression, talk to the residential painting experts at Canyon Painting by calling 928-202-8272.




Pool deck coatings for your home

Canyon Painting can turn your Sedona home into a vacation paradise with a pool deck coating.Once the summer months arrive, you will be racing to the pool. But before you enjoy the water, you’ll have to tip-toe onto that hot pool deck! If you could have a deck that doesn’t make your feet burn, hurt, or slip, would you get it? Of course you would! Canyon Painting wants to discuss the best pool deck coating for your home in Sedona so you can enjoy your pool this summer.

Concrete deck paint
Acrylic paints are the way to go if you want to have your deck paint match your pool area. They not only dry quickly, but they resist fading caused by pool chemicals and harsh UV rays. Before you paint, make sure to fill in cracks. You will need two coats of paint, but for the time it lasts it will be worth your while.

Concrete overlay
This type of coating is actually a thin layer of concrete laid over the existing concrete. Since there are so many ways to create texture and decorative touches, you can make the area unique to your home. Definitely enlist the pros, though! It’s a complicated process, including repairing the existing concrete and preparing it for the application.

Epoxy coating
If you have a deck with a rough surface, this may be the one for you. This coating fills in imperfections and leaves a finish that’s easy to clean. It doesn’t fade from exposure to pool chemicals and UV rays.

Anti-slip coating
No matter how much you tell them not to, the little ones always like to play tag around the pool. Add a deck coating with polymer or mineral fragments to prevent injuries. It can be sprayed or mopped onto an unsealed surface in just one easy application. Clear coatings can also keep the look of your pool deck.

Protect yourself and your loved ones this summer with a deck coating that’s easy on your feet and right for your pool area. For all your deck coating needs, or if you are considering painting your Sedona home, give the pros at Canyon Painting a call today at 928-202-8272.

Professional tips for home painting

Canyon Painting is your expert paint contractor for home and commercial painting in Sedona.Painting your home can be a fun and refreshing experience. Getting rid of that dull beige for a glossy white or adding pops of color among the dull browns can really give your house a facelift. Canyon Painting wants to share some professional tips on how to paint your Sedona home into a masterpiece.

Choose your colors carefully
Warm paints typically work well in the kitchen, living room, and dining room because these are busy areas. Cool paints are better in the bedroom, nursery, or home office because they set a soothing atmosphere. Test the colors first on a small sheet of particle board. See how the light affects the colors throughout an entire day.

Clear the area
A new coat of paint can reveal dirty secrets your walls may keep, like scratches, dents, and large nail holes. You can use inexpensive wall putty to correct many of these gouges. Sand any flaking or peeling areas for a flat surface. Make sure to get rid of greasy spots, especially in the kitchen, with a warm sponge and dish soap.

Apply the paint
Make sure the paint is well stirred before you begin. You can always go back to the hardware you bought it from and have it re-stirred if it is much too thick for a paint stick. Paint in “W” shapes to make sure to cover all surfaces with a decent layer of paint. Then, wait for it to dry.

Painting really can be a delightful event in your household – especially when it’s done! Use these tips to make the process go smoothly and your walls look flawless. If you want a professional service to help with your painting needs in Sedona, call Canyon Painting for a free estimate at 928-202-8272.