The effect of paint colors

Canyon Painting is Sedona's full-service painting contractor for residential and commercial projects.Did you know that the color choices you make will affect the feeling or overall mood of the space you’re painting? That’s why color choice is so important. Canyon Painting offers a quick guide to consider regarding the ‘psychology’ of color when selecting the paint color for your Sedona home or business.

Your quick guide to evoking moods:

  • Yellow renders a feeling of happiness and sparks one’s memory and creativity.
  • Orange incorporates the optimism of yellow with the exhilaration of red to produce boldness, warmth and cordiality.
  • Red is bold, passionate and romantic. If used as an accent color, it can add contrast and drama to any room.
  • Purple is a royal color adding creativity and mystery to your room and is also great choice as an accent.
  • Blue puts people at ease by promoting calmness and dependability.
  • Green is the color of nature and combines the tranquility of blue with yellow’s optimism.
  • Grey introduces a cool and relaxing mood to your design.
  • White represents honesty and harmony.
  • Brown suggests loyalty, protection, trust and support.

If you are ready to paint your Sedona home or business and want help selecting the best color for a specific room or space, we can help you set the mood with individual color choices. For a free estimate, call the residential and commercial painting experts at Canyon Painting today at 928-202-8272.


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