Advice on choosing paint

Choosing the right color for your painting project can be the difference between being thoroughly overjoyed or wondering ‘What on earth was I thinking?’ With so many options available for painting your Cottonwood and Verde Valley home or business, Canyon Painting offers these recommendations for helping you choose the right paint color.

Don’t buy textiles last, buy them first. Counter-intuitive you say? One of the best ways to make sure your paint choice goes with your furnishings, drapes and color preferences is to use your fabrics as the basis. If you start with your fabric choice you’ll find it far easier to match the paint. It’s a lot easier and more affordable to customize paint than it is fabric.

Use paint to transition your view from space to space.
It’s important to remember that a home should feel and look cohesive, unified. Choose paints that are harmonious, that may not match, but they do ‘go together’. This is especially important in areas that are open-concept styles so that the transitions between rooms are appealing and not abrupt.

Don’t lose sight of lighting.
Many rooms take on a new look as the light moves from day to night throughout your house. It’s much more affordable, both in money and time, to buy samples of the paint colors you’re considering and test them in varying light conditions, especially in the evening when you’re using artificial, indoor lighting.

Remember the finish. You can choose from among:

  • Flat – It appears sophisticated and modern, however it doesn’t clean well so is not well-suited for kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Egg shell – This is a low-luster finish.
  • Satin – This popular choice is suited for high-traffic areas.
  • Semi-gloss – This finish is suits kitchens and bathrooms very well because it reflects light and is easy to clean.
  • High-gloss – If you want a polished and bright, shiny look choose this finish. Paint color plays an important role in interior design.

If you find choosing the right paint color difficult, there is hope. Let the experts at Canyon Painting help you choose the right paint color for your Cottonwood and Verde Valley home or business. Call us today at 928-202-8272.


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