Deck refinishing services for your home

Canyon Painting offers expert refinishing services for the deck on your Sedona home.If the sun, dry air, and time have taken a toll on your Sedona home’s deck, or if you have just purchased a home with beautiful views from the comfort of its inviting deck, don’t waste any time in protecting it from the oftentimes harsh elements of the climate. Canyon Painting offers refinishing services to restore and preserve the beauty of your deck.

Causes of your deck’s decline
Every year, homeowners spend extensive time and money repairing or restoring deteriorating decks. Arizona’s climate can begin to affect unprotected wood immediately. Monsoon rains are quickly absorbed causing the wood to swell and Arizona’s infamous heat causes the wood to dry out and shrink. The cycle of swelling and shrinking wood contributes to a loss of its natural protective oils resulting in warping, splitting and cracking which leads to expansive and expensive repairs. An unprotected wood deck is also subject to rot and decay and surface graying from mildew, UV (ultraviolet rays) and attacks from a host of varying insects.

Deck restoration
In order to adequately and effectively protect exposed wood, the application of a sealer offering oils and resins to reduce or prevent deterioration must be done regularly. Additional, but necessary protection for exposed wood includes products that eradicate fungi and mildew, repel water, and protect from UV rays. It is also very important to use products that are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and safe for children and animals.

You can depend on Canyon Painting to restore the deck on your Sedona home to its original look and protect it against future damage from the elements. We can not only make your deck look new again, but our restoration processes help to protect and preserve your deck for your safety and entertainment. If your deck needs to be restored or if you want to protect its already excellent condition, call the deck restoration experts at Canyon Painting today at 928-202-8272.


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