How to upgrade your business with paint

First impressions still count and the appearance of your Sedona or Cottonwood business speaks volumes before your customers ever walk through the door. Canyon Painting offers you these simple ways to use paint to upgrade the appearance of your business.

You might have the best customer service around, but businesses, as well as most everything else, are still judged by appearances. Don’t let customers drive by your business with the wrong impression. Give your old or outdated building a quick lift with a simple paint job, both inside and out.

A freshly-painted business lets customers feel like your business is organized, clean, reputable and relevant. On the other hand, an underwhelming and uninviting building can result in people turning away from you before your business has the opportunity to be of service. Here are three simple ways that paint can elevate your business to the next level.

Exterior Painting
Curb appeal is just as important for your business as it is for your home. If your business is in need of a quick overhaul, simply refreshing or repainting the whole exterior of the building can instantly give your business the curb appeal that it needs.

Interior Painting
Likewise with exterior painting, repainting the interior also gives your business instant improvement and says to your customers that you take your business seriously. A fresh paint job inside your building or office space gives immediate new life to your business.

Expressive Painting
Painting your business in a way that conveys your business’ purpose is a powerful tool. Customers may not consciously realize they notice the difference, but they do.

Canyon Painting works with businesses to create environments their customers love and want to return to. If your commercial building in Cottonwood or Sedona is in need of a face lift, consider a paint job on the exterior, interior, or both! Call us today at 928-202-8272 for a free estimate.


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