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When painting your office interior, there are nearly limitless options for you to choose. One of the most important decisions you will make is what finish to use. The finish (or sheen) is going to help provide the right look and protection that you need. At Canyon Painting, we help Sedona businesses make the right paint decisions so their office looks its best.

Before you can choose the right finish for your interior, it is important to understand the unique aspects of each sheen.

Matte (or Flat) Finish
Matte finishes are characterized by their non-reflective look. They are good for hiding imperfections in surfaces and are commonly used on ceilings. The drawback to this finish is that it can be difficult to clean. It also fades much quicker than other sheens.

Because it offers a brighter look and more protection than matte, the eggshell finish is commonly used in areas that do not receive high traffic. This finish is preferred by many, because it is not overly reflective, and it offers more protection than a flat finish.

This is likely the most common finish used for interior painting. Both business owners and painting contractors prefer a satin sheen because it is easy to clean, durable, and long lasting. This finish is a little glossier than eggshell, and it is ideal for high traffic areas of your office.

Semi-gloss finish is the step up from satin. This sheen is one of the highest in durability, but it can be too bright for some. This finish is best for kitchens and high traffic areas such as a hallway or entryway.

This sheen is generally used on doors and detailed woodwork like trim. While it is not commonly used on walls, you may consider it for a very heavy-use area such as a janitor’s closet.

When choosing your interior paint finish, it is important to take into consideration what surface or room is being painted. Selecting the right sheen will give your paint a long life and give your office the right look. Learn how Canyon Painting can give the interior of your Sedona business a new look. Call 928-202-8272 for a free estimate.


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