Let’s talk about exterior wood finishing

Canyon Painting offers professional painting and refinishing services in Camp Verde, Cottonwood and Verde Valley.Wood components on the exterior of your home add character and warmth. They also require extra care. Canyon Painting offers these tips for refinishing and resealing the exterior wood components of your Cottonwood, Camp Verde or Verde Valley home or business to preserve, protect and keep them looking new.

Old paint should be removed with a paint scraper or a high-pressure washer. Sand the wood using medium grit sandpaper to blend the edges of remaining paint with the surface of the exposed wood if you plan on painting the wood. If you plan on staining previously painted wood, remove all of the leftover paint using sandpaper. Scrub the surface of the wood with a brush and cleaning detergent and rinse completely clean. Allow the area to dry for several days before proceeding.

Preserve the Wood
Treat the wood with water repellent or preservative to extend the life of the wood. Make sure to work preservative into any knots, cracks or seams. Allow the preservative to dry for two days.

Sealant comes in a few different types: priming, painting and finishing sealant. If you intend to paint or stain the wood, you’ll want a paintable sealant. If you would rather paint the wood a dramatically different color, such as painting a very dark wood white or vice versa, opt for a primer sealant. If you prefer to leave the wood natural, choose a finishing sealant.

Staining and Painting
Stain is great for wood that is rough or that has been exposed to the elements for a long period of time. Be sure to stain one panel or entire board at a time to prevent lap marks. Apply a second coat if necessary. Apply paint in a similar way.

Exposed wood can quickly begin to wear down from the elements compromising its appearance and structure. Sealing exterior wood is essential for protecting it and extending its life, but it doesn’t last forever. Is it time to refinish and reseal the wood at your Cottonwood, Camp Verde or Verde Valley home or business? Canyon Painting offers expert interior and exterior refinishing services, and can restore your wood to its natural beauty. For a free estimate on refinishing, call us at 928-202-8272.


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