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Canyon Painting is your full service painting contractor in Cottonwood and Verde Valley, we handle it all!Contrast. It can be the difference between a room that makes a striking first impression or falls flat. If you want to know the secret ingredient that can give your Cottonwood or Verde Valley home its impact, Canyon Painting, offers interior painting tips and shares some basic principles that will add a huge dose of visual interest to your home’s interior.

Is contrast just limited to paint? No, there are countless ways to create contrast including colors, patterns, and textures.


This is probably the most obvious use of contrast and the easiest! Giving a room a contrast that uses two shades on opposite ends of the color wheel will create the strongest impact. For this, black and white will never go out of style. However, if your sense of style is a bit more colorful, you could also use color combos like blue and orange or purple and yellow. Regardless of the complementary color combination you select, one needs to be the dominant color while the opposite accents it. Otherwise they will be competing, not complementing.


Contrasting textures add visual interests. Contrasting textures include fabrics from drapes, rugs, and throws for your furniture to the contrasting texture of your furniture itself. Think about the texture of a leather sofa compared to the smooth feel of metal furniture or the ruggedness of rustic woods. And all of your accessories from lighting to artwork can be incorporated to create texture throughout a room. Always try to use a mix of materials in your design.


Shape and form are also great ways to add contrast to a space. Rooms take on a life of their own when they are filled with different shapes that transition from sharp, angled corners to smooth rounded edges, from large formal pieces to intricate smaller designs. The largest impact from shapes will likely come from your furniture but your accessories play a large role too. Think how the shapes from different eras change and see how you might incorporate them into your style. Many successful interior designers favor mixing-and-matching different styles.

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