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Canyon Painting can turn your Sedona home into a vacation paradise with a pool deck coating.Once the summer months arrive, you will be racing to the pool. But before you enjoy the water, you’ll have to tip-toe onto that hot pool deck! If you could have a deck that doesn’t make your feet burn, hurt, or slip, would you get it? Of course you would! Canyon Painting wants to discuss the best pool deck coating for your home in Sedona so you can enjoy your pool this summer.

Concrete deck paint
Acrylic paints are the way to go if you want to have your deck paint match your pool area. They not only dry quickly, but they resist fading caused by pool chemicals and harsh UV rays. Before you paint, make sure to fill in cracks. You will need two coats of paint, but for the time it lasts it will be worth your while.

Concrete overlay
This type of coating is actually a thin layer of concrete laid over the existing concrete. Since there are so many ways to create texture and decorative touches, you can make the area unique to your home. Definitely enlist the pros, though! It’s a complicated process, including repairing the existing concrete and preparing it for the application.

Epoxy coating
If you have a deck with a rough surface, this may be the one for you. This coating fills in imperfections and leaves a finish that’s easy to clean. It doesn’t fade from exposure to pool chemicals and UV rays.

Anti-slip coating
No matter how much you tell them not to, the little ones always like to play tag around the pool. Add a deck coating with polymer or mineral fragments to prevent injuries. It can be sprayed or mopped onto an unsealed surface in just one easy application. Clear coatings can also keep the look of your pool deck.

Protect yourself and your loved ones this summer with a deck coating that’s easy on your feet and right for your pool area. For all your deck coating needs, or if you are considering painting your Sedona home, give the pros at Canyon Painting a call today at 928-202-8272.


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