Professional tips for home painting

Canyon Painting is your expert paint contractor for home and commercial painting in Sedona.Painting your home can be a fun and refreshing experience. Getting rid of that dull beige for a glossy white or adding pops of color among the dull browns can really give your house a facelift. Canyon Painting wants to share some professional tips on how to paint your Sedona home into a masterpiece.

Choose your colors carefully
Warm paints typically work well in the kitchen, living room, and dining room because these are busy areas. Cool paints are better in the bedroom, nursery, or home office because they set a soothing atmosphere. Test the colors first on a small sheet of particle board. See how the light affects the colors throughout an entire day.

Clear the area
A new coat of paint can reveal dirty secrets your walls may keep, like scratches, dents, and large nail holes. You can use inexpensive wall putty to correct many of these gouges. Sand any flaking or peeling areas for a flat surface. Make sure to get rid of greasy spots, especially in the kitchen, with a warm sponge and dish soap.

Apply the paint
Make sure the paint is well stirred before you begin. You can always go back to the hardware you bought it from and have it re-stirred if it is much too thick for a paint stick. Paint in “W” shapes to make sure to cover all surfaces with a decent layer of paint. Then, wait for it to dry.

Painting really can be a delightful event in your household – especially when it’s done! Use these tips to make the process go smoothly and your walls look flawless. If you want a professional service to help with your painting needs in Sedona, call Canyon Painting for a free estimate at 928-202-8272.






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