The value of painting the exterior of your home

Canyon Painting can enhance the curb appeal of your Sedona home and make it stand out to home buyers.For many homeowners, the prospect of selling their property reminds them that they will need to make some repairs and upgrades to get a better price. Does an exterior paint job increase the value of your home? Canyon Painting discusses the subject of painting the exterior of your Sedona home prior to putting it on the market.

Residential real estate sales have enjoyed a consistent rate of growth across the country. If you are ready to put your home on the market and receive the highest sales price possible, an exterior paint job might be one of the items on your “to do” list. Paint that is peeling, faded or out of fashion may turn away prospective buyers for your home.

Here are some good reasons to have that home painted before having it shown:

  • A fresh coat of paint improves the curb appeal of your home
  • A new paint job can increase the potential value of what may be the largest investment you have ever made
  • Painting is more economical than the installation of new vinyl siding (and better looking in our opinion!)
  • A home painted 20 years ago causes a potential buyer to wonder what other deferred maintenance may be needed
  • Two of the most common inquiries from home buyers are about the date the home was last painted and the quality of the paint used

Canyon Painting hopes this discussion of the value of painting the exterior of your Sedona home prior to putting it on the market is helpful to you. If you’d like to explore this discussion further, talk to the color experts at Canyon Painting. Our staff are professional, courteous, and knowledgeable of the best practices and trends in the painting industry. For a free estimate, call us today at 928-202-8272.



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