Tips for painting the exterior of your home

Painting a home exterior is a major project! If you’re considering painting your Cottonwood or Verde Valley home, Canyon Painting wants to share these tips about painting your home’s exterior.

The most important considerations in painting the exterior of a home are the steps of preparation, not the painting itself. Here are the steps:

Clean. Painting over a dirty surface will yield terrible results. Clean the surface before starting to paint. Power washing may be necessary to clean off excess dirt and debris. However, power washing cannot replace the potential need for hand scraping. The surface must be free of flaking paint, oils, dirt, and anything else that would prohibit the paint from bonding with the surface. You may need to use a paint scraper, sandpaper, and a stiff brush.

Prep. Make sure that the paint surface is sound. This may require filling holes, cracks, and gouges with exterior epoxy wood filler. Make sure the filler is dry before sanding the area. Rotting or deteriorating wood needs to be replaced.

Prime. Not all surfaces need to be primed, but stucco and bare wood generally should be. Whether or not priming is needed depends upon the type of product your topcoat will be. This is the type of question best answered by a qualified professional.

Canyon Painting wants to help you experience great results when painting the exterior of your Cottonwood or Verde Valley home. If you are ready for a dynamic exterior paint job for your home, talk to the residential painting experts at Canyon Painting by calling 928-202-8272.


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