Tips on picking the right paint colors for your home

Canyon Painting can help you choose the right colors, and give professional results for your painting project in Camp Verde, Cottonwood and Verde Valley.How do you find that magic color combination for the interior or exterior of your home? Canyon Painting shares some helpful things to consider when picking the right paint colors for your home in Cottonwood, Camp Verde, and Verde Valley.

For the exterior:

  • Follow the regulations. Before painting your decisions, know your community ordinances and regulations. If you hire the experts at Canyon Painting, you’ll be 100% safe from violating any codes!
  • Historical accuracy. If you live in an older home, you may want to choose color combinations which have been used historically on homes like yours. The simpler your home, the simpler the color scheme will be. Consider observing some local historical landmarks.
  • Jazzing up the past. In some areas, it’s common for homeowners to fly in the face of historical accuracy. Some people paint with modern colors purposely to enhance architectural details. Using bright colors on old architectural designs can produce some dramatic and exciting results. Just make sure your local historic commission approves. Also, it’s a good idea to look at what your neighbors are doing.
  • In a more contemporary home. Choose colors that set your house apart but that don’t clash with nearby homes. Look around your neighborhood. What colors are on the homes right next door?

For the interior:

  • The right white. The single most popular paint color in the world can also be the most confusing. Almost everyone likes white, but there are so many variations of the hue. Decide if you want a warmer or cooler hue. Most people go with warmer.
  • Color perception is influenced by several factors, including the quality of the light around you. The differences between incandescent light or bluer fluorescent light or LED lighting can be profound. Have the professionals at Canyon Painting help you find just the right tones.

Canyon Painting hopes these things to consider when picking the right paint colors for your home in Cottonwood, Camp Verde and Verde Valley are helpful to you. Canyon Painting offers expert interior and exterior painting services. For a free estimate on any kind of painting, call us at 928-202-8272.


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