Tips the pros use when painting your home

At Canyon Painting your satisfaction is our number one goal when painting your home in Cottonwood, Camp Verde and Verde Valley.Every amateur painter has a slightly different method and preference for getting good results, but pros know all the trade secrets. Canyon Painting shares these pro-tips for painting your Cottonwood, Camp Verde or Verde Valley home.

Buy the Best Supplies
Don’t cheap out on the brushes or paint. Buy a good quality brush with some heft. That $4 plastic bristle brush is going to make your room look like you smeared paint on the wall with a rake and leave the bristles on the wall as a reminder. Buy the most expensive paint you can find, too. Why?  Because it will go on easier, faster and give you the best coverage. And it will last a long time. Who wants to paint again?

Use Tinted Primer
Instead of using white primer, have it tinted to a color that is similar to the finish paint. Tinted primer gives better coverage than plain white primer meaning your finish coat will be more vibrant and probably require fewer coats.

Press Tape Down With a Putty Knife
To avoid the disappointment of having to paint again or scrape off the extra paint when your tape failed to maintain a clean seal, use a putty knife. Apply blue painter’s tape over your wood trim then run a putty knife firmly over the top of the tape to press it down for a really good seal.

Eliminate Brush Marks with a Paint Extender
The pro-secret to a finish that’s free of brush and lap marks is mixing a paint extender (aka paint conditioner) into the paint. A paint extender slows down the paint drying time, giving you more time to overlap freshly-painted areas without leaving behind those ugly lap marks. A paint extender also levels out the paint so brushstrokes are virtually eliminated. Pros use paint extenders for painting drywall, cabinets, woodwork and doors.

If you’ve got an upcoming paint job and want to paint like a pro, now you can. Or better yet, enjoy your leisure time and call a pro instead. Whether you’re painting your Cottonwood, Camp Verde or Verde Valley home or business, call the real paint professionals at Canyon Painting at 928-202-8272.



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