Paint colors for the kitchen

Canyon Painting can help you choose the perfect paint color for the kitchen in your Sedona home.A beautiful coat of paint can really brighten up the outdated kitchen in your Sedona home, but picking the perfect color can be a difficult decision. If you’re having trouble making the perfect color choice, Canyon Painting recommends playing it safe by choosing from among colors preferred by interior designers and most homeowners.

Neutrals including whites, ivories and grays are popular as well as soft shades of yellow. Blues, reds and greens are popular choices for accent walls. But what is most important is understanding how to use them to brighten up the traditional focal point in most homes.

Light and airy neutrals create a calming effect in a bustling kitchen and brighten up a dull room. Both light neutrals and grays make it easy to add pops of color. If you are open to a bolder palette, gray complements an intriguing array of other shades including pumpkin, yellow and raspberry.

If you enjoy a more playful palette consider yellow. Eye-catching and energizing, it works beautifully on walls, backsplashes or the inside of your cabinetry.

Because red is believed to stimulate appetite, it is a color often used in kitchens. Ever notice how many restaurants have a great deal of red in their design? Since you don’t want to overpower your kitchen, consider reds with a hint of pink as an accent wall or to create a striking backsplash.

Green soothes and creates an organic, earthy feel especially when paired with wood accents. Apple green and mint are homeowner favorites and do well with white countertops and cabinets.

You can create so many looks with blue. Crisp blue in combination with white cabinets will return you to the sea. Wooden accents are perfect with robin’s egg blue. Stainless steel appliances, bright white walls and navy blue make for a modern, sophisticated kitchen while blue paired with ivory accents offer a vintage feel.

If you’re unsure which look you want for your Sedona home, talk to the color experts at Canyon Painting. Our staff are professional, courteous, and knowledgeable of the best practices and trends in the painting industry. For a free estimate, call us today at 928-202-8272.


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